Towson, MD

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The Greene Turtle Lacrosse Club is proud to have a tremendous coaching staff for the upcoming 2014-2015 year. Our coaches all have experience as players AND coaches. All of our coaches have achieved great success as players and or coaches. We know what it takes to be successful on the lacrosse field and want to give back by helping the next generation of players. More importantly than what happens on the field, our coaches want to assist the character development of every player in our club. We talk about priorities, sportsmanship, and honoring the game, our families and ourselves in how we live.

At the Youth Level, our coaches emphasize skill development, competing in a positive environment and developing life long friendships. Every practice includes both individual and team drills that will help the kids prepare for lacrosse at the next level. We also feel at this age, keeping a healthy perspective on the role of lacrosse in the kids' lives is very important. We try to make sure practices are fun and engaging for every player. During tournaments, we judge our level of success in more ways than the final score.....did we play hard? Did we play as a team? Were we great teammates? Did we get better individually and as a team? Looking at these questions will help all of our players become better on and off the field and give them a better understanding of why they are playing this great game.

As Greene Turtle players reach the high school level, our coaches work hard to assist in the college recruiting process. The coaches select tournaments that are well attended by college coaches, they reach out on behalf of the players in a personal way to college coaches, make recommendations for individual recruiting camps, and discuss with players the many different college lacrosse options that exist for them. The Greene Turtle Coaching Staff understands the landscape of college recruiting and can offer the latest and best insights into a very complex process. Each year, the Club also hosts a College Recruiting Question and Answer Session with Division 1 and 3 and Club Coaches. This  session helps provide a look inside college recruiting and is always very helpful to Turtle families. Our teams are very competitive at summer tournaments, but more importantly our players are coached and taught how to play the game at the next level and how to put forth maximum effort at all times. As a result, they receive much attention from college coaches.

Greene Turtle Lacrosse Staff for 2014-2015

2016- Steve Vaikness

2017- Michael Atkinson  

2018-Kevin Benzing & Don Benzing

2019- Travis Holmes

2020- John Simanski

2021- Ryan Smith & Sean Horrigan

2022- Taylor Ebsary